A few frequently asked questions answered:

1.  We're all ages, so bring the kiddos!

2.  We're dog friendly on the outdoor patios!

3.  We do NOT take reservations at this time, but don't worry you don't need them!  We can seat 639 people.  

4.  Your card was not charged twice, we promise!!  We've had a frequent request to review transactions lately.  This occurs when your card is "pre-authorized" with items on your tab and the point-of-sales system checks the bank account for adequate funds.  Later when the tab is closed, the card is re-authorized for the full amount.  Only the final amount is deducted from your account once the transaction clears and goes from "pending" to "final."  

5.  The private room is available to rent at a rate of $250 minimum tab per hour.  The room holds about 15 people comfortably, and comes with dedicated bar service through the secret window.  See Brad for more information, or email

The best way to reach ownership or management is via email at

Phone:  (405) 270-7805


517 S Hudson Ave

Oklahoma City, OK 73109

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